Quanzhou Yifeng Fastener Co., Ltd

  • China Quanzhou Yifeng Fastener Co., Ltd company profile
  • China Quanzhou Yifeng Fastener Co., Ltd company profile
  • China Quanzhou Yifeng Fastener Co., Ltd company profile
  • China Quanzhou Yifeng Fastener Co., Ltd company profile
  • China Quanzhou Yifeng Fastener Co., Ltd company profile
Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Seller
Brands Yifeng
No. of Employees 40~80
Annual Sales 2 million-4 million
Year Established 2000
Export p.c 70% - 80%


Conpany Introduction:

Quanzhou Yifeng Fastener Co., Ltd. is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, which lies on the southeast coast of China. Quanzhou is conveniently situated next to the port cities like Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and so on. We have over 20 years' valuable experience in this field. We have a factory which takes up an area of 20,000 square meters, We employ more than 10 high quality talents and about 100 specialized workers.

The products are easily transported anywhere. Our company started in 2000. It’s a comprehensive company of mold design, development, production and sale. There are all kinds of hardware for your choice, such as badges for the police and military, decorations for clothes and belts, metal presents, handiworks and so on. All have high quality with excellent reputation both at home and abroad. Especially the belt decorations which have already reached the standard of the related departments in China and some other countries are in good shapes and performance. Our products are mainly for export sales, supplemented by sales in domestic market. Most are exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Korea, and Mongolia, etc. On the other hand, our company has rich experience in producing the military and police equipment decorations, and we also provide metal decorations for the individual police equipment enterprises which are chosen by the Ministry of Public Security of PRC. Welcome for your enquiries and orders.


Our Main Products Include:

Our products can be categorized into strap buckle (also known as the side release buckle), tri-glide buckle, ladder lock buckle, hook buckle, rope buckle and some others with special usage. As for the quality, the usage and the strength of these objects, information is listed as follow.

1. Side Release Buckle

    Usually, this type of buckle adapts POM, PA, PP, etc as materials. The buckle is made up of male and female plugs. With one end fixed with ribbon, the other end can be adjusted. The length of the ribbon depends on the usage, which is generally used for the fixation of the shoulders or waists.In order to have buckles perform better in workplace, factories will constantly improve these productions, reducing its weight on circumstances that strength is guaranteed, such as V-shaped buckle and Y-shaped buckle which can be frequently seen on products with a strict demand of safety like baby strollers or car seat belts.

2. Hook Buckle

  The materials for hook buckle are usually selected within PP, PA or POM, often used on the side of the shoulder bag,D ring on one end and ribbon on another.Many types of alloy materials have now been adapted to make the buckle even stronger. Here we do not discuss specifically.

3. Adjustable Buckle

  Adjustable Buckle is a category with the function of adjustment, usually adapting POM, PP or PA as materials.

    ①Tri-glide Buckle: Usually, this type of buckle can be found on the shoulder strap of backpacks or satchels with the function of adjustme nt. In order to increase the friction, the bars/pins in the middle of the buckle are designed with stripes. In order to put on the logo, factories may enlarge frames on ends, whereas most of them are in the same shape.

    ②Rectangular Buckle:aka. Square Buckle, mostly used as the joint fixation of backpacks and shoulder strap with a usage of slight adjustment of the length. Some square buckle can be opened directly to have the strap and backpacks apart, saving the trouble of removing the suture(This is known as flexible square buckle). 

    Ladder Lock Buckle: Also has the function of ribbon contraction, this buckle is normally used at the end of bag strap with a usage of adjustment to have backpacks fitted your figure better. It can be present in various forms and styles.


"Apparel Accessories", as the name suggests, are used as some garments materials.The rope buckle is mainly used for trench coats and hats, adjusting the tightness.The rope hook is mainly used on the zipper tail of the clothes, making the zipper better adjusted. Of course,the two kinds of buckle mentioned above can be not only seen on garments, but has the adaptation on some backpacks, umbrellas as well.


The buckles we produce can take on great tensile force and are stylish designed. All materials like PE SBS that related to production can be tested by third-party testing institutions, such as SGS, CCIC, BV, etc., and customization service is available if you need LOGO designing service or others at your convenience.


Advantages of Products:

1. Our products are well-flatted with smooth edge, adapting thick materials which are not easy to deform and do not hurt hands.

2. Multiple choice: COLORS & SIZE.

3. Customization service is available.

4. We use environmental protection materials only.

5. High-density polyethylene materials are adapted with strong tenacity, high efficiency and excellent load-bearing capacity.

6. Widely used in garments, toys, gifts, etc.

7. A variety of sizes can be matched at will, suitable for the use of various clothing.


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